SFS Rotary Club History

By Earl B. Myer, Past District Governor
Edited by Tom Summerfield, Past President
and Son of Charter Member M.F. Summerfield

The Rotary Club of Santa Fe Springs, California, District 5320, Club Number 854, was chartered on September 18, 1957. Earl B. Myer,
Past District Governor, and a member of the sponsoring Norwalk Rotary Club, was designated as the Governor’s Special Representa-
tive to the new group, which had emerged shortly after the City of Santa Fe Springs was incorporated. Come back with me in time to
1957 and see how all the little parts resulted in the creation of our Club.

During May, 1957, the community of Santa Fe Springs was incorporated as a City. Five members of the Norwalk, California Rotary
Club, who operated businesses within the new City limits indicated a desire to start a Rotary Club. In July, 1957, the desire of these
members, was made know to Governor William Walk of District 532 [we were not yet District 5320].

Walk asked the Norwalk, California Club to act as the sponsoring club and asked Myer to act as his special representative. A prelim-
inary survey was conducted by mid-July of that year and it showed that there was enough interest to start a new Club and that the new
Club would fulfill a need in this new community. Organizing plans were made at a meeting of the Norwalk representatives on August 1
of that year. By August 15th, twenty-one Charter Members had signed application cards and turned in their admission fees as
perspective members of the Club.

Everyone celebrated the occasion at a social event held that evening, at which Past District Governor W. Frederick LaVelle held a panel discussion of the various facets of Rotary. A few days later, on the 20th to be exact, an organizational meeting was held at which
Officers were elected and the standard Constitution and By-laws were adopted.

The first provisional meeting of the Club was held on Tuesday, August 27, 1957, at a regular meeting place with seventeen of the
provisional members in attendance along with a large group of Rotarians from the Norwalk Club. Past District Governor D.C. Easley,
who was guest speaker, gave a timely talk pointed toward the new Rotarians.

The five Rotarians transferring from the Norwalk Club to the Santa Fe Springs Club had all been Members of the Norwalk Club for two
or three years. Four of them served on the Norwalk Rotary Club Board of Directors and one of them, Norman Lautrup, the new
Provisional Secretary, served as Secretary of the Norwalk Club during the previous Club year. They were E.N. Frisius [Engineer], W.B. Woodroof [Oil Production], M.F. Summerfield [Water Pump Sales], Norman Lautrup [Dairy Farming], and J.A. Griffith [Druggist].

The Charter Night Banquet was held on October 18, 1957 at the Candlewood Country Club, 14000 East telegraph Road, Whittier,
California. Henry S. Yamaga, President, Norwalk Rotary Club gave the welcoming speech. Earl B. Meyer was the Master of Ceremonies. Burton McKenzie sang “America.” Reverend Cecil England gave the Invocation.
After dinner, W. Fred LaVelle, PDG, introduced the Head Table. J. Donald Locke, PDG, introduced the visiting Rotarians. There was a
vocal presentation by Gloria Zeigel, accompanied by Mildred Stafford. The Club Charter was presented by William E. Walk, Jr.,
Governor, District 532, 1957-58 and the Response was made by Edward N. Frisius, the new Club’s first President.

There were many presentations that night. The introduction of the Charter Members of the Santa Fe Springs Rotary Club, presentation
of the Charter Member Pins and the President’s Pin was done by William Walk, Jr. Rotary information was given by Lee C. Anderson, President of the Artesia Rotary Club, Paul L. Wishek, President of the Buena Park Rotary Club, Sheldon Pobanz, President of the La
Mirada Rotary Club, and Talbert Moorhead, President of the Whittier Rotary Club. Each of the Club Presidents presented gifts to the
Santa Fe Springs Rotary Club.

The evening concluded with the signing of “Rotary” led by Stuart A Coulter, PDG.

Charter Members

Theodore L. Berry John A. Long
Paul E. Capps Raymond R. McCaffery
Paul L. Chadwick Jerry Richards
J. William Connor Eugene F. Streny
Omer S. Coppock Marvin F. Summerfield
William Emmons Lawrence A. Tasoff
Edward N. Frisius Ernest J. Uarte
John A. Griffith William L. Watson
Henry W. Howell Meno L. Wilhelms
Claude W. James William N. Woodroof
Norman Lautrup



President Edward N. Frisius
Vice President William B. Woodroof
Secretary Norman Lautrrup
Treasurer Paul L. Chadwick



Theodore L. Barry – John A. Griffith – Marvin F. Summerfield


Today, the Club still meets at the Candlewood Country Club and has celebrated over 50 years of Service to the community of Santa Fe Springs. Tom Summerfield, son of Charter Member, M.F. Summerfield, is a Past President of the Club and still attends Club meetings
on a regular basis. He is currently serving as a Member of the Club’s Board of Directors.